Friday, 26 December 2008

1.42 512MB Ram mac mini running Amiga OS 4.


  1. Have that running since last year's christmas but there is no network card driver available.
    If you have a solution, I would be interested!

  2. Is a network driver the only thing required to make OS4 on the Mac Mini worthwhile?

  3. The approach which seems logical to me is to take the driver which works on this hardware for an open source OS (eg: Linux PPC version) and compile a driver for it under OS4.
    For the iBook G4 the driver is "Sun (Gem)", the source for which can be easily obtained on the net.
    Of course, I wouldn't know the first thing about porting it to OS4, but I am certain it's more complicated that I've made it sound. The driver source is quite large as I believe it caters for many hardware types, so it could probably be trimmed down alot.
    Forget about wireless, apple uses closed source Broadcom chipset unless there has been a change to that I'm not aware of.
    I think USB will be the biggest hurdle. I suspect it's complicated to write a USB stack. That said however, with Kbd/mouse working on HID that may be good enough for now - just use a R/W CD for transferring files.
    Radeon > 9250 still won't work. I'd like to see a driver for my iBooks 9550(9600). I'd love an OS4 laptop.
    I'm seriously considering buying a SAM440, if I do I'll have a development platform and may look into it later this year, no time at the moment.